Asi eksklusif memang  diberikan sejak bayi lahir hingga usia 6 bulan tanpa tambahan asupan apapun itu berlaku kalau Asi ibu mencukupi yaa, tetapi kalau tidak mencukupi dimana si kecil pertumbuhannya tidak sesuai umurnya yaa si mam harus rela beli susu formula yaa, terima kasihh



Dr. Nyoman Ribek .Kep Ns M.Pd

Abstract:  Evaluation model programs stake of health education programs to improve community health.

Research aims to investigate the implementation of health education programs to improve community health status Penglipuran Bangli regency. This research is descriptive qualitative research in the form of program evaluation with a design evaluation model programs stake, s. Non probability sampling with purposive sampling. with a sample of 12 informants, health education receiver 5 and 70 filler questionnaires. The data collected by in-depth interviews, documentation, observation and angket. Data analyzed with logical, empirical, and consideration of the suitability of the results. The study concluded there Relevance sufficient to describe the consistency of goals, policies, and services, to meet      the needs of the community health education, Still efektip level of achievement of targets, and standard operating procedures were implemented in health education programs, is quite efficient in seeing a comparison between the output with input, Impact positively influence the implementation of health education on health behaviors